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On Thursday, June 13th starting at 5:00pm Volo welcomes friends from Cloudwater (UK) and Other Half (NYC) to Toronto. The following beers will be poured on tap (until supplies last):

Cloudwater Sour Cherry Imperial Stout

Cloudwater To You (Porter)

Cloudwater Peach Bellini Slushie (Blend Of Grape Brut IPA & Fruited Sour)

Cloudwater Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine (BA Barley Wine)

Cloudwater X Dry & Bitter Grey Mobile Speaker (DIPA)

Cloudwater X Dry & Bitter Red Mobile Speaker (DIPA)

Cloudwater Red Wine BA Chocolate Porter

Cloudwater West Coast IPA (IPA)

Cloudwater Existential Thanks (NEIPA)

Cloudwater Henry’s Last Call (Pale Ale)

Other Half Broccoli Special Reserve (Imperial IPA)

Other Half Tumbleweeds Pilsner (Pilsner)

Other Half Double Mmm Fruit Dream (Sour Wheat w. Lactose & Fruit)

Other Half DDH Mylar Bags (DIPA)

Other Half Spumoni Dream (Imperial Stout)

Other Half Motueka Daydream (IPA)

Other Half DDH Dollar Slice (IPA)

Other Half DDH Cabbage (DIPA)

Other Half Triple Mosaic Daydream (DIPA)

Other Half Mash Tun Time Machine (West Coast IPA)