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Join us on Saturday, June 9th from 5pm-2am for an evening with Tariq of Revel Cider. We will be offering the following draft and bottle pours:


Revel Line Drawing (On Tap)
Cider Aged On Orange Wine Skins

Revel High Point (On Tap)
Cider Aged In Cab Franc Skins Previous Aged On Burdock Saison

Revel It’s Character Forming (On Tap)
Blend Of 20% Sauvignon Blanc & 80% Cider Aged On Sauvignon Blanc Skins & Elderflowers. 

Revel X Volo Little Rascal (On Tap)
Blend Of 50% Barrel-Aged Raspberry Perry & 50% Cab Franc Skin Contact Cider

Revel Esoteric Medley (On Tap)
Blend of Chardonnay, Perry & Cide

Revel Time & Place (On Tap)
Table Cider

Revel Still Orange Wine (Bottle)
Orange Wine Fermented On Grape & Crabapple Skins

Revel Bittersweet Freedom (Bottle)
Hyslop Crabapple Cider

Revel Emergent Property (Bottle)
Tequila Barrel Aged Apfelgose w. Lime

Revel Prosthetic Conscience (Bottle)
Brett. Perry w. Hibiscus



Revel Cider To us, Revel Cider is an art project. We unapologetically make the ciders that we want to drink. We create Urban Farmhouse style ciders: through mixed culture and spontaneous fermentation. We create our ciders with 100% Ontario fruit, various botanicals and flowers, novel yeast and bacteria, and a variety of oak barrels. We make low intervention ciders that are unfiltered and without sugar.