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Join us on Saturday, April 27th, 2019 (starting at 2pm) for an afternoon with Unfiltered Brewing of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The following beers will be available on tap (until supplies last) with owner Andrew Murphy present:

Unfiltered 2019 Commissar (Russian Imperial Stout)

Unfiltered Daytimer (Berliner Weisse)

Unfiltered Hoppy Fingers (American Pale Ale)

Unfiltered Exile On North St (Gluten-Reduced IPA)

Unfiltered Twelve Years To Zion (DIPA)

Unfiltered Sour Motherfucker (Sour Cherry Oak Aged Wheat Beer)

Unfiltered Mise En Garde! (Co-Fermented Oak Aged Barley Wine)

Unfiltered Fist Of God (DIPA)

Unfiltered Inducement (DIPA)

Unfiltered Flat Black Jesus (American Stout)

Unfiltered Daytimer Repasado (Tequila Barrel Aged Berliner Weisse w. Salt)

Unfiltered DIBA (Double India Black Ale)