On Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 Birreria Volo will be one of the 66 locations in the world (18 countries) chosen by Brasserie Cantillon (Brussels, Belgium) to host Zwanze Day 2017 (our fifth year in a row!). Zwanze Day is a world-wide celebratory release of a limited one-off lambic beer made by Brasserie Cantillon. 

On the same day, Birreria Volo will also host its 7th Annual Funk Night featuring 26+ funky, sour and barrel aged beers on tap and in bottles along side funky tunes(DJ TBA). The event will run from 12pm-2am. No door admission, reservations or advanced tickets will be required (except for Zwanze pour, see below). 19+ event. Regular food menu will be available. We expect things to get busy so arrive early (or later after the rush).



Tapping @ 3pm - Cantillon Zwanze ’17 (Lambic / Tea Blend) *** ticket required
Tapping @ 7pm - Cantillon Saint Lamvinus Grand Cru '16
Tapping @ 10pm - Cantillon Vigneronne '16

Tapping @ 12pm.... 

Cantillon Gueuze ’17 (Lambic Gueuze)
Amsterdam Superstition (Wine Barrel Aged Saison)
Barncat Bastet (Foeder Aged Golden Sour)
Bellwoods Pink Guava Jelly King (Dry Hopped Sour w. Pink Guava)
Dieu Du Ciel! Solstice d’Ete Framboise (Sour German Wheat w. Raspberries) 
Dieu Du Ciel! Exorcise Mûres (Sour w. Blackberries) 
Dunham Berliner Passionfruit Wiesse (German Sour Wheat w. Passionfruit)
Dunham Saison Cerise (Saison w. Sour Cherries)
Exchange & (Flanders Red)
Folly Westhoek Red (Wine Barrel Aged Flanders Red)  
Half Hours On Earth Nothing But Flowers (Sour w. Flowers)
Halo Name Chroma Key (Sour Saison w. Passion fruit) 
Indie Ale House Ritual Madness (Flanders Red w. Cherries) 
Les Trois Mousquetaires Porter Sûrette (Sour Porter) 
Le Trou Du Diable LeCoq (Barrel Aged Rye Sour w. Cherries) 
Le Trou Du Diable Bretesse (Brett. Barrel Aged IPA)
Nickelbrook Are you Kiwi-ing me? (Belgian Golden Sour w. Kiwi) 
Stone City Everything is Purple (Sour Wit w. Haskap berries) 
Stone City Peach Don't Kill My Vibe (Sour German Wheat w. Peaches) 
Tooth and And Nail Tweede (Blended Saison Aged on Wine Grapes) 
Revel Emergent Property (Tequila Barrel Aged Cider w. Lime, Sea Salt & Coriander)
Revel Framboise Cuvee 2016 (Chardonnay Barrel Aged Cider w. Raspberries)
West Ave. Vinewood Series (5 Year Barrel-Aged, Barrel-Fermented Merlot and Golden Russet Cider)


Available at 7pm…

Cantillon 50 N4 E ’15
Cantillon Lou Pépé Gueuze ’16
Horal’s Megablend ’15 (Lambic Gueuze)
Drie Fonteinen Golden Blend ’14 (Lambic Gueuze)

Available at 12pm…

Drie Fontainen Gueuze ’16 (Lambic Gueuze)
Oud Beersel Oude Geuze Vielle ’14 (Lambic Gueuze)
Oud Beersel Kriek Vieille ’13 (Lambic Kriek)
Del Ducato Settembre
Del Ducato Ottobre
Cascade Noyaux ’15
Cascade Sang Noir ’15
Almanac Dogpatch Sour ’15
Almanac Citra Sour ’15
Crooked Stave Silly Cybies (Belgian Dark Ale Aged In Oak Barrels w. Raspberries)
Crooked Stave Origins Raspberry (Burgundy Sour Ale Aged In Oak Barrels w. Raspberries)
Oxbow Liquid Swords (Barrel Aged Bière De Garde)
Oxbow Arboreal (American Sour Ale Fermented & Aged In Bourbon Barrels)
Oxbow Catlyst (Barrel Aged Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse w. Estate Honey)
Oxbow Bobasa (Blend of 1 & 2 Year Old Aged Biere De Garde w. Farmhouse Ale)
Oxbow Life On (Bière De Mars) 
Oxbow 3 Barrels Deep (Ale Aged In Bourbon, White Wine & Red Wine Barrels)



$20.00 includes: 3oz pour of Cantillon Zwanze 2017 ($7) and a limited edition designed glass ($13). Tasting tickets will go on sale Friday, September 8th @ 12:00pm sharp on this page.

Birreria Volo has been allocated one keg of Cantillon Zwanze 2017. We will pre-sell a total of 300 tasting tickets online which will guarantee each ticket holder a 1 x 3oz pour (on tap) of the Cantillon Zwanze 2017 (once you are inside the bar). The tasting ticket will also include a limited edition custom made glass (see image below).

Please be advised that this ticket does not include a guaranteed entrance upon arrival and will expire at 10:00pm (Zwanze Tapped @ 3:00pm). If the bar is at legal capacity at the time you arrive, you will have to wait in line with non-tasting ticket holders and will be a one in/one out scenario. Birreria Volo will do our best to make sure all 200 tasting ticket holders get a place inside from open until 10pm. No additional tasting tickets will be available after all 200 have been sold and there will be a maximum purchase of one ticket per person. If you do not acquire a tasting ticket for the Zwanze Day beer you are still welcome to attend and enjoy all the other offerings. Any questions can be directed to



From Jean Van Roy: My youngest son, Sylvain, will be 18 come October. As we did for his older brother, Florian, I wanted to celebrate this milestone by dedicating a beer to him. And what better beer than the Zwanze. I wanted to involve Sylvain in choosing the beer, and when I asked him what blend we could make. He told me : “ I love iced tea, could we try a blend with tea?”. After a superb tasting of several different types of tea at “Nong Cha” tea shop in the center of Brussels, we chose three teas for trial blends with Lambics. After a few days of maturation with 2 years old Lambic, we decided on a “Oolong” (Wulong), a semi-fermented blue-green tea. The Lambic-tea blend gave a great result. The beer was delicate and round, with notes of fruit and slight bitterness. Sylvain is a huge fan of “Game of the Thrones” wHich inspired the graphics for the 2017 edition of our Zwanze. But in our version, no one dies and everyone has a good beer !